R22, The Robinson R22 is the world’s most popular entry level helicopter that has seen over 4000 aircraft built to date. This dynamic 2 seat helicopter is a cost effective aircraft that can cruise at 90 knots with an excellent safety record and renowned reliability it is ideal for those small jobs.  
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  R44, This is the much larger sister ship with a capacity of 4 seats including pilot, it is the ideal fast and powerful helicopter with the same safety and reliability from Robinson. With a cruise speed of 110kts+ it offers
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  B206, The B206 aircraft has been produced for over thirty years with only minor changes. The reliability of this Rolls Royce turbine powered aircraft is exceptional. With the capability to carry up to five people and luggage,(dependant on weight and distance to be flown) this light helicopter will deliver. http://www.bellhelicopter.com/en/aircraft/commercial/pdf/206B3.pdf

  B206L,This helicopter is based upon the jetranger with the addition of two rear facing seats in an extended cabin. With the more powerful C30-P Rolls Royce turbine engine this reliable workhorse has been proven even in the most harshest environment.
Bell Helicopter 206L4 - Product Specifications

  B407, A development of a four bladed rotor system and more powerful C-47 Rolls Royce turbine saw the development of this aircraft, with a cruise speed in vicinity of 130kts this air-conditioned aircraft with seven seats and baggage compartment provides a smooth ride in even turbulent conditions.
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  AS350, This French designed aircraft offers a different cabin layout with exceptional visibility for all passengers. With seating for five passengers and baggage,
American Eurocopter - AS350 B2 specifications

  UH-1, This battle proven workhorse medium helicopter is capable of lifting 1,500kg, used primarily for fire fighting,  transport of goods and lifting
Bell Helicopter - The Bell 210

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